The membership renewal envelope will be included with the May 2017 Magazine that will be delivered to all households in our area during May.

You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or standing order.

The magazine contains a list of local Road Representatives who can collect your membership fee or you can ask us to visit you via the Contact page.

Your membership fee is due after our April 2017 AGM. As well as recieving our magazine and benefitting from our approach to the council over planning issues, you can also take out membership of a local gym and swimming pool at a reduced rate.

Click the image to download a membership form.

Standing Order form

Or you can use the on-line subscription form

You can download a details of the Sports Club membership:
membership details & form
Membership Form

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Road Rep meetings and AGM      Last updated04May17

    The following meetings have been arranged at the St Mildred's Centre for Road Reps, Committee & members.
    All meetings start at 8:00 PM and will end by 10:00 PM. Tea/Coffee and biscuits from 7:30PM:
  • Monday 4 September 2017 Road Representatives Meeting in the Small Hall
  • Thursday 8 February 2018 Road Representatives Meeting in the Small Hall
  • Wednesday 25 April 2018 19:30-22:00 AGM

Minutes and supporting documents for previous meetings

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Play Streets - Craigen Avenue

Natalie runs the Play Streets initiative in her road once a month. Basically a section of Craigen Avenue is sectioned off so that childen can play in the street. Sometimes they have 40 - 50 children and it's a good mechanism for neighbours to meet.
Play Streets in Croydon

Gardening Group - Addiscombe Recreation Ground

Meet the Gardeners
Bingham Park Gardening Group met on 3rd June in Bingham Park (Addiscombe Recreation Ground)
to tidy up the borders, with some more weeding and planting.
Meet the gardeners and find out about other ASPRA projects and meet your neighbours.

Tesco initiative 'Bags of Help'

You may remember the Tesco initiative 'Bags of Help' that resulted in £1000 being awarded to the Bingham Rec Gardening Group recently.
Now it is our turn to assist the Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park to collect tokens for their project.

Addiscombe Notice Board

Plans are now well advanced to erect a Notice Board on the Pavement of Lower Addiscome Road near the junction with Blackhorse Lane. Most of the funding has come from Councillor Andrew Rendle and ASPRA has obtained formal planning approval. The unit will be double sided and should look like the image below

Notice Board

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Jumble Trail Saturday 1st July 2017 Jumble Trail

A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but on your street.

Communities co-ordinate to set up stalls outside their houses to sell bric-a-brac, toys, books, clothes, handmade arts and crafts, plants, cakes or whatever.

The whole thing is coordinated online at, providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in the neighbourhood.

A small charge of £5 is made to have a stall.
Details of the Jumble Trail

As at 4 June, there are 22 stall bookings with several other enquiries from local residents who are interested in taking part. So far it is an equal split between those who are returning for a second year running and new stallholders. Based on last year's experience, there was quite a run of bookings closer to the event date, so it is hoped that the number of stalls will at least double by 1 July.

ASPRA Jumble Trail

2017 Jumble Trail Leaflet

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20 MPH Zone

01Aug16 - Residents have voted in favour of a 20 MPH zone in Croydon NE and this came into force in April 2017.
Notice for introduction of 20 MPH zone      Results of Consultation
Croydon 20 MPH Zone

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Bingham Road – Speeding Traffic

Jun2016 - Residents have rejected the proposed extension of the Controlled Parking Zone.

The crossing at St Mildred's to Claremont Road, with road narrowing also at Parkview Road and Sherwood Road were implemented in October 2015:
St Mildred    Claremont

04May15 - Councillor Rendle provided the proposals for the road narrowing scheme:
Junctions with Bingham Road at Claremont Road       Parkview Road       Sherwood Road .


Bingham-Parkview"    Bingham-Sherwood"

At the AGM (08Apr15) it was agreed to set up a action group from local Road Reps to work with the Councillors to find a solution.

A site meeting with Councillor Rendell, Mike Barton (Highways), Fred Demay and Bob Sleeman was held on 24th September 2014 in Bingham Road.

So what else can be done? The solution is not one of traffic management schemes but one of enforcement. The Council cannot enforce the speed limits i.e. they cannot fine or award penalty points on driving licences. That is the job of the police. The Police need to undertake ad hoc speed monitoring exercises in line with the resources that they have available.

  • Speed visors: - These are installed along Bingham Road. They flash up the speed of the vehicle if it exceeds the legal limit. This has had some effect but to the driver who could not care less they are ineffectual.
  • Speed monitoring exercise by the police: - Such exercises have been carried out in the past but they are limited to the resources available to the police and clearly cannot be carried out on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Festive Lights 2016

Once again ASPRA organised the Festive Lights in Lower Addiscombe Road starting from mid November 2016.

ASPRA organised the Festive Lights in the Lower Addiscombe Road Shopping Parade - 24 November 2015
See our Sponsors page for those who have helped sponsor the lights in 2016.

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Green Waste

05Apr17 Green Waste bins collection dates are alternate Thursdays from 28 April to November 2017
Garden Waste Collection dates

29Jan16 You can now apply or the new Green Waste bins New Garden Waste Service        FAQ Garden Waste Service

At our meeting 14 September 15 there was some discussion by our Councillors about changes to the collection of recycling boxes and green waste (see report above). At the Neighbourhood Watch conference on 24 October 15 Councillor Stuart Collins (Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for Clean Green Croydon) said that due to lack of funding the free Green Waste Collection service will cease and it is hoped it will be relaced in 2016 by a chargeable alternate weekly Green Waste Wheelie Bin service. The costs are likely to be £60 per annum for a 240 litre bin or £45 for a 140 litre bin with discounts if you order two 240 litre bins. The service would only be viable if enough residents signed up. A letter is to be sent to all residents probably in November.
Letter of 19Nov15 or visit the Council web site.

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Ashburton Park - Old Library      28Jan16

More details will be added as soon as we have the information. The complex should be open late sunmmer 2017.

See also: the history of the park

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Betty Westgate Plaque Unveiled      Noon      19Oct15

1 Colworth Road On Monday 19th Oct. 2015 the Mayor of Croydon attended the unveiling of the Betty Westgate plaque. 1 Colworth Road unveil 1 Colworth Road Guests

In the picture: Betty’s sons Michael & Graham and his wife, The Mayor, Lyn Simmons and Professor Trevor Powles CBE, a previous Head of Breast Cancer at the Royal Marsden.
Lyn Simmons, Betty’s neighbour for over thirty years, introduced the event and explained her motivation for organising the plaque. A crowd of over fifty people were present to see the unveiling of a blue plaque to commemorate former resident Betty Westgate.
In 1973 Betty Westgate started the Mastectomy Association, running a telephone support line from her back room at
1 Colworth Road, which offered help and information to people affected by breast cancer.
You can read a report of the event. and some more background

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Delderfield Plaque Unveiled      10:00 AM      04Sep14

Plaque now in final place 05Sep14
There was an enormous attendance of just over 100 on Thursday 4th Sept. to see the Mayor of Croydon unveil the Delderfield plaque.

Members of the family, including his Daughter attended and we thank the house owners for their hospitality.

The Mayor unveils the plaque

The Author's Daughter,
The Mayor &
Hilary Chelminski

ASPRA have funded a Blue Plaque to commemorate the distinguished writer and dramatist, R.F. Delderfield (1912-1972), who lived at 22 Ashburton Avenue from 1918 to 1923. He was greatly inspired by his time there, saying "It was Wonderland to me".

Delderfield Plaque
More information

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ASHBURTON has elected three Labour councillors

Ashburton Action Team website

Croydon Advertiser photo.

Labour's Andrew Rendle beat Tory Sylvia MacDonald by just eight votes. Stephen Mann and Maddie Henson took the other two seats.

This is the first time Labour has won any seat in Ashburton in the council's history

Read more at Croydon Advertiser Ashburton Ward Councillors

Ward Councillors Blog
Ashburton Ward Councillors Blog

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Crime Alerts are now to be found at : Alerts

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New Street Lighting

Skanska have replaced the street lights in our neighbourhood.  They will adjust the angle of the lamps if they are directing light into homes.  You can contact Skanska customer service on 0800 028 5986.

Request For Information - Calling all local groups

Our magazine editor, Phil Poole is aiming to include as many local organisations as he can in future editions of the ASPRA newsletter.  If your group would like a mention or would like to tell our neighbours about what you do, please contact her by emailing

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Asburton Ward in 1888

It may be a surprise to you that there was no housing estate east of Ashburton Road in the 1888 map:


Click map to see a larger area, including the local race course.
Hilary Chelminski wrote an interesting history of the development of our area.

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